Architectural Design, Permissions and Documentation

Our comprehensive architectural services in Matlock, Derbyshire, include conceptual and schematic design, permissions from local authorities and construction documentation. We can take control of the whole process, so why not give us a call, today, to discuss your dream project?

Architect consultation Matlock Derbyshire

Initial Consultation & Briefing

If you would like a design consultation then we would be happy to come and visit your home and discuss your project before providing you with a no obligation fee proposal which satisfies your brief.

We will advise you on any local authority planning requirements and explain the process we will go through from project inception through to work commencing on site.

Arhcitects in Matlock, If you would like a design consultation then we would be happy to come and visit your home and discuss your project

Measured Survey

Following an initial consultation at your home or on your building plot, we will undertake a measured site survey. This provides us with an accurate record of the property, structures or land as they exist. We will take direct measurements on site and generate 2D and 3D digital scale drawings. These will form the core information for the basis of all design, planning and building control drawings.

Measured survey by Architects in Matlock, Derbyshire

Design Development

Once we have established your brief and measured your property or site, we will undertake design studies to develop your ideas into a workable architectural solution. This could be for an extension, refurbishment, interior works such as kitchen or bathroom redesign, conversion or a new build property. At this stage we will also seek initial pre-appplication advice from your local planning authority.

Design development by Manning Holden Architects in Matlock

Planning Permission

Once you are happy with your design, we can undertake drawings for planning permission which we will submit to the local planning authority. We will manage the application on your behalf and respond to requests from the planners.

Planning permission submission & approval in Matlock, Derbyshire

Building Control Drawings & Construction

Once planning permission has been granted, we can offer our services to complete the drawing work required for Building Control and construction. This is the stage at which details such as drainage, lighting and construction technique will be considered. For further information on what building regulation drawings entail see our more detailed description here.

Building Control Drawings & Construction


We can help you to discover the perfect layout for your home by understanding the way that you want to flow between spaces. We can plan your internal space, provide bathroom, kitchen and staircase designs as well as wardrobes and bespoke furniture.


3D Visualisations

We use the latest BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology to produce our 3D models. We work alongside an experienced visualisation team should you wish for your 3D model to be realistically rendered as a CGI (Computer Generated Image). We can do this for both interior and exterior building models as well as streetscapes.

£D visualisation architectural drawings, Matlock.

Architect's Free-Hand Impressions

We are able to sketch your project, an existing home or even just a place that is special to you. We will undertake these as one-off drawings and are happy to commission such drawings as a special gift.