Pre-Application Planning Advice - Should I get it?

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Pre-Application Planning Advice - Should I get it?

Making a planning application can seem like a huge unknown – what if you employ an Architect to design your dream home or extension, pay all the associated fees and submit it only to receive a point blank rejection? To avoid this happening, pre-application advice is a good way to test the planning waters before plunging in. It is not compulsary but some planning departments are more amenable to applications who have sought prior advice instead of going straight into a full-blown submission.

As part of our service, we undertake an initial pre application or feasibility study to gauge the planning departments thoughts on the project in question. The amount of detail we submit will vary from project to project but generally it will give a good idea of size and style of the proposal. Advice can be given verbally in a meeting with the planners or as a letter. Either way you will discover at an early stage in your project what is likely to be allowed. If you get the unfortunate result of your development not being permitted, you can at least be releived that you didn't pay for a full Architect's service and full planning application. Generally you will receive comments which hilight the relevant authorities policies, any issues that they have with the proposal and what you can do to make the design more likely to gain permission.

Knowing what objections might be made will allow the submitted design to stand a much higher chance of gaining planning permission once formally submitted. This in turn will provide a solid base for an appeal, should the initial application fail.