Sustainable Village Farm

Sustainable Village Farm

Design for a new city farm which engages with children and also with unemployed parents.

The focus is to provide basic skills in the construction of small animal housing such as rabbit hutches / chicken pens, and promote a sense of responsibility and commitment in caring for the animals. This includes growing vegetables on the site with the aim of promoting healthy eating.

The construction of the farm will use sustainable methods of construction, including the installation of renewable sources of energy to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the whole development. In addition the new farm will provide an opportunity to promote and demonstrate the beneļ¬ts of renewable energy to all visitors.

The farm will house a farm shop, cafe and kitchen, training rooms, community meeting rooms and shower facilities. Worked on for ZEDFactory Ltd.

View Interior sketch of community building
Interior sketch of community building
View Sustainable Village Farm - Plan and section
Sustainable Village Farm - Plan and section
View Sustainable Village Farm -Overview 3D
Sustainable Village Farm -Overview 3D