New Build Passive Bungalow, Amber Valley

Design for a new eco - bungalow, designed to Passive House standards. There are a number of initial design considerations that need to be taken in to account when thinking about designing a low energy building or passive house. In this case, these include but are not limited to: A compact building form, with minimum surface to volume ratios, to ensure a reduction in thermal bridging and heat loss, South facing orientation with large areas of glazing to maximise solar gains and provide a passive heat source for the building.

As this proposed site is south facing with a gentle slope additional considerations also include natural shading methods such as roof overhangs and deep window recesses

Large amounts of glazing fit the brief and allow the occupants to fully appreciate the view. The main obstacle to achieve a low energy design will come from shading and/or reduced exposure to the sun resulting in less solar gains. Problems of this nature are not insurmountable, although anything that will have an impact on the potential performance should be assessed and considered accordingly.